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The 3 Types Of Water Damage You Need To Know About

The 3 Types Of Water Damage You Need To Know About

As the great thawing in Ontario has finally arrived and spring storms are on the horizon, it’s important to be prepared for water damage.

Residential water damage occurs when any excess water enters a property where it shouldn’t and begins to negatively affect the structure. This can impact the walls, floors, electrical or plumbing systems, and personal possessions in the property.

As winter leaves and the warmer weather brings melting snow and thunderstorms, your home could be facing some water damage in the near future.

But what are the different kinds of water damage?

There are actually three main types of water damage every homeowner should be aware of. Learn about the different kinds of damage in our handy guide below!

Close up of residential water damage in Toronto

Sewer Backup

One of the most common, and certainly most unpleasant, types of residential water damage results from a sewer backup.

A sewer back up occurs when there is either a blockage in the sewer system, or excess storm water enters the sewer system and causes backflow to your home. Common exit points for sewer waste water are sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers. Sewer backups are especially dangerous as the waste water often contains harmful chemicals and bacteria, increasing the chance of infection or illness in your family.

A sewer backup is a serious issue that requires immediate attention by an experienced plumber, followed by a restoration expert to help repair the water damage.

Overland Water

Another common type of residential water damage is flooding caused by overland water.

Overland water is any kind of water that results from water that enters the property overland. This can be through melting snow, rain, tsunamis, flooding, burst water mains, and external leaks. This type of water damage can be especially pervasive, as it often involves large volumes of water that are not easily prevented from entering the home.

This can be problematic for a number of reasons, not least of which is extensive damage to the property’s structure and flooring and walls requiring complete replacements. As water always aims to move downwards, basements tend to be collection points for overland water. This means many homeowners will need an experienced basement flood cleanup team to help return their homes to normal.

Close up of sandbags piled in front of flooded door


The final type of residential water damage that you need to be aware of is groundwater damage.

Groundwater is water that resides in the water table below your property, held in the soil, and pores and crevices in rocks. Whilst normally not an issue, when there is excessive rain or flooding from natural sources, the water table can burst and groundwater can rise up through your property’s foundations.

This is a cause for serious concern, as any water damage caused to your foundations can affect the structural integrity of the entire home, potentially leading to collapse and harm to your family. If you notice water building up in your basement, you should contact a licensed basement flood cleanup company immediately to begin repairs.

Are you looking for expert home restoration services in Toronto? Home Restorations is the leading provider of residential water damage repair and basement flood cleanup in the GTA. We use the latest technology and techniques to clear water build up and return your home to good as new. Contact us today and take back your home!

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