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Is just that - absolutely no-obligation and free.

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Home renovations can be costly and time consuming, which means you don’t want to spend any extra money simply to be told how much more you’ll have to pay once the work actually starts. That’s why Home Restorations offers a completely free assessment for any work you might need in your home, absolutely obligation free. It’s just one of the way’s we are committed to being the most trusted restoration company in Southern Ontario.

Any renovations will often take weeks or months and that means they require plenty of planning before you begin the actual work. Hiring the right contractor to complete home restorations is an important decision for any homeowner. You want to choose someone who is not only experienced and skilled, but also easy to work with, fair, and a great communicator. Home Restorations has been serving Burlington, Hamilton, and Brantford for years and our passion for exceptional service has won us hundreds of returning customers.

Getting a free assessment on your upcoming home renovations or restorations can be a great way to save money and stress during the process. Our experts will come to your home and perform a thorough analysis of every aspect of your job and provide you with an accurate and honest quote for the work. If you’re looking for a home restoration company that puts customers first, look no further than Home Restorations.

Free Assessment FAQ’s

When you hear “free assessment”, you may be wary of what exactly that might entail, and how a company can actually offer one without incurring some hidden costs. At Home Restorations, we are passionate about providing transparent and professional service at every stage of the restoration, and so we want to answer any questions you might have up front.

Here are a few questions that our community members commonly ask us about our free, no obligation, assessments. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact or call us at (905) 869-6845.

Is there any obligation?

Not at all. Our free assessments come with absolutely no obligation to proceed with the quote so you have complete freedom of choice for your home. Free assessments also allow you the opportunity to ask questions about several services and have an accurate idea of the cost for each service, so you know what to expect and what to prioritize. Even if you choose to go with another contractor, you will now know exactly how much they should be charging you and whether they are taking advantage of you. We understand that by visiting you at no cost, you’re able to make a sound decision and gather all the facts before you commit to anything with your dollar. Building trust with your contractor and learning their skills will make the actual working partnership run much smoother.

What are the benefits of a free assessments?

We trust that you’ll find us to be capable, efficient, knowledgeable, and fair in all our practices, and making that initial connection without charging you is how you know we’re here for the right reasons–to make sure your home is in top-notch shape and nothing holds you back. So whether you need an immediate fix from a recent flood, or have a bit more time to plan things out, take advantage of the many benefits of our free assessments.

Home restorations often deal with structural and cosmetic issues that aren’t common, and sometimes occur after a significant event leaving you crunched for time. This means it’s vital that your contractor can identify and express the best options for your home in a clear, concise manner, so you’re prepared to make the right decision for your family.

What can I expect from my free assessment?

We offer free assessments on any home restoration topic throughout the service area. With one simple phone call, we’ll send a licensed technician to your home, so you can discuss, in-person, exactly what your concerns are. Seeing fire and smoke, flood, or storm damage firsthand is much different than hearing an account of it over the phone or by email. Our restoration company team can assess the individual needs of your property and show you exactly what needs to be repaired to restore your home to its highest level of comfort and functionality.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or call for a visit, the team at Home Restorations is here to serve you, day or night. We’re dedicated to being on-call and on time whenever you require a visit from a skilled contractor. No pushy sales, no surcharges, no funny business. Just straight information, friendly customer service, and excellent construction to get your home back to normal.