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Sewage backups and overflows are serious, unpleasant issues that need to be dealt with immediately to minimize damage to your property and your family’s health. Home Restorations has been providing sewage cleanup & restoration in Hamilton, Burlington & Brantford for decades and have become the most trusted name in restorations and repair.

What is sewage damage?

Sewage damage is any kind of damage to your property that occurs due to your sewage system behaving abnormally and sewage leaking through to where it shouldn’t usually be.

This can involve overflowing toilets or bathtubs, backed up sewer lines, or overworked sump pumps. Your foundations, woodwork, furniture and other possessions can be easily damaged during a sewage overflow, and sourcing professional sewage cleanup & restoration is essential to minimizing the cost to you.

What types of sewage are there?

  • It’s first important to note the kinds of water you might be dealing with when a sewer backs up in your yard or neighborhood. You can have any of the following types of water contamination:
  • Clean water from leaking faucets, and broken water supply. This is considered a category 1 with no general contaminants but must be treated immediately to prevent it from becoming worse.
  • Grey water from toilet bowls (clean or containing some urine), washing machines, dishwashers and anything else with detergents and similar items. Contains some viruses and bacteria and is commonly referred to as Category 2.

Black water is severely contaminated from multiple sources and can include standing water, toilet water containing feces and any outdoor river and lake water. Harsh chemicals and sewage make up this category 3 water which should be cleared out and tended to immediately.

What causes backed up sewer lines?

Sewage damage occurs when sewage cannot drain properly due to a backed up sewer line. There are many possible causes of this, but some of the most common include:


The most common cause of a backed up sewer line is a physical blockage preventing the sewage from draining. This can be from something that was flushed down a toilet or drain, or it could be due to invasive tree roots that have strangled your sewage line.

Heavy Rain

Severe downpours or thunderstorms can overwork local storm drains and sump pumps, which can cause the excess water to flood the sewage line and cause a backup. Debris from the storms can also be swept into sewage lines and cause a blockage, compounding the problem.

Broken Sewage Pump

If you have a sewage drain point like a toilet or bathtub that is below the sewer system or septic tank, you likely have a sewage pump to push the sewage against gravity and move it in the right direction. If this pump is clogged, faulty or stops working, you can suffer sewage damage from the overflow of sewage in these fixtures.


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